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Backyard Persian BBQ & Grill
5070 28th St SE Suite C,
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
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A little about us

Welcome to Backyard Persian BBQ & Grill, a unique culinary haven nestled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Conveniently located on 28th ST SE near Costco and I96, we are the only Persian restaurant in the West side of Michigan - a fusion of a steakhouse, BBQ joint, smokehouse, and fire pit, all celebrating the richness of Persian culinary traditions.

Persian cuisine, one of the fastest-growing culinary trends globally, captures hearts with its rich flavors, sophisticated spice blends, and unique cooking styles. At Backyard Persian BBQ & Grill, we're part of this culinary revolution, bringing these captivating tastes and our innovative twists to your table.

Our dishes are meticulously crafted, drawing from the finest and most iconic Persian recipes. Here, you'll savor traditional Persian meals like Ghormeh Sabzi, our distinctively marinated and grilled kebabs, and our signature Persian sandwiches - each dish a vibrant symphony of flavors that embodies the generous spirit of Persian cuisine.

Every ingredient we source is chosen for its freshness and authenticity, ensuring every bite you take is a true taste of Persia. From the aromatic rice dishes to our signature grilled delicacies, every dish invites you to explore the richness of Persian culinary heritage.

Tucked in the heart of Grand Rapids, we offer a relaxed, casual dining atmosphere with outdoor seating. Our diverse menu is complemented by a selection of fine wines and beers, perfect for enjoyment under Michigan's open sky. Whether for a quick bite or a family dinner, every visit to Backyard Persian BBQ & Grill promises to be a memorable experience.

We take pride in serving generous portions at fair prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed - you'll never leave our restaurant hungry, and you'll always leave eager for your next visit.

In addition to our dine-in service, we offer catering for pickup and convenient online ordering. Whether you're hosting a gathering or enjoying a quiet night at home, we're ready to bring our flavorful Persian dishes to your table.

Backyard Persian BBQ & Grill – Where a steakhouse meets a smokehouse, under the star of Persian culinary artistry.